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Receiving a complimentary copy of

The Psychic Immune System

If you are a researcher, academic, have an avid interest in this subject, or are a teacher thinking of adopting this book for your classes perhaps as an ancillary reader, a full complimentary
ebook version of The Psychic Immune System will be sent to you without charge. There is a $7.00 service charge for this and other processing involved in sending you the file.
Please send those funds to through Paypal with a message that you wish a complimentary and you will then receive a Drop Box link to download the ebook.  Make sure you have Drop box installed on your Ipad, Kindle, Nook, or other reader. Further instructions will show you how to open the book.
The intent of this offer is to encourage reviews which you can send to this website—where we would like to post them—or to post comments at Amazon, the Ibookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Google Books (Google Play).













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