The Kennedy Assassination what really happened
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"I´ll have those ni. . . . votin Democrate for the next 200 years!"


Lyndon Baines Johnson

Trump's dramatic disclosure of over 50,000 secret JFK files in 2017-18 changes our understanding of virtually everything. Once we add these documents to what we learned from the CIA's own Howard Hunt, who made a deathbed confession in 2007, we find LBJ deeply implicated in the murder. The releases are absolutely revelatory.

Published by Genotype, 2019

This video supports the book.

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Three important revelations since the book was published.


This will not mean much if you haven´t read the book or seen the video, but if you have, the following should knock your socks off. Close to a million folks saw the original video and since then I was contacted by some interesting sources, and here a the gems that came in.


to kill JFK  and was sent off to a psychiatric ward all before JFK was killed) The man said he served with David Christensen, and not only did David have a security clearance, but he was not at all mentally ill. That certainly adds credibility to a foot(1)A soldier stationed with David Christensen contacted me after seeing the video. (Christensen if you remember overheard a CIA plot was Chritensen´s amazing story.


(2) If you recall the CIA´s David Phillips met with Antonio Veciana and Oswald in September in Dallas. Two teenagers walked in and asked directions. One of those teenagers, Wynne Johnso, is now 70 years old and corroborates that all this was true. Oswald was actually there meeting CIA agent  David Phillips two months before Kennedy was killed.


(3) I had not heard from James Files for many years, but after the book and video were released, he contacted me through a friend. I said I had only one question for him: "Did Howard Hunt know Lee Harvey Oswald?.  Files answered "definitely yes!" For those of you who have read the book, or seen the video, that will stand as some very substantial corroboration of the thesis of the whole book. Even Hunt´s son, was not exactly sure what his father was doing in Dallas then, much less that his father was involved with Oswald.

                                                                    Reviews of the book
Professor Jerry Kroth´s research and analytical skills are unexcelled. He has done a "deep dive"into one of the most enduring mysteries in history. In this engaging volume, Dr. Kroth makes a clear and concise case of a conspicracy involving the assasination of the 35th President of theUnited States."
-Anothony Bragalia, researcher and author
These documents, as he says, over 80 of them, blew me away. I'll never believe the Warren Commission was anything but a whitewash. Johnson did it through the CIA and the Mafia. No doubt in my  mind it was a coup d'etat."
—M.S. Forrest, Ph.D 




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