The Kennedy Assassination what really happened

"I´ll have those ni. . . . votin Democrate for the next 200 years!"


Lyndon Baines Johnson

Trump's dramatic disclosure of over 50,000 secret JFK files in 2017-18 changes our understanding of virtually everything. Once we add these documents to what we learned from the CIA's own Howard Hunt, who made a deathbed confession in 2007, we find LBJ deeply implicated in the murder. The releases are absolutely revelatory.

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                                                                    Reviews of the book
Professor Jerry Kroth´s research and analytical skills are unexcelled. He has done a "deep dive"into one of the most enduring mysteries in history. In this engaging volume, Dr. Kroth makes a clear and concise case of a conspicracy involving the assasination of the 35th President of theUnited States."
-Anothony Bragalia, researcher and author
These documents, as he says, over 80 of them, blew me away. I'll never believe the Warren Commission was anything but a whitewash. Johnson did it through the CIA and the Mafia. No doubt in my  mind it was a coup d'etat."
—M.S. Forrest, Ph.D