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Speaking engagements




Dr. Kroth is available for speaking in various venues from university classes to community events. From 2011 to 2016 he delivered talks at San Francisco State University, the University of Portland, Louisiana State University, and in Connecticut, North Carolina, Sweden, Wales, Malta, and Mexico. His calendar for talks appears at the bottom of this page.


Each lecture is a multi-media presentation roughly 45-90 minutes in length depending on needs.  Below you will find the topics plus, in some cases, introductory videos to these expanded lectures. 




Ecocide: why radical interventions are needed now to stop climate apocalpyse


Prof. Jerry Kroth delivers a powerful and concise review of climate change science which paints an almost apocalyptic picture of where the planet is heading. . . all based on his new book, Ecocide (2020). The situation is nothing short of an emergency and both conventional and radical ideas for how we can prevent 1.5 degrees of warming are presented. We have less than 10 years to drawdown emissions by 50 percent, and If humanity fails, we will cascade toward two degrees of warming breaching three horrific tipping points of no return. The remedies are drastic, and nothing will be easy, but solutions exist, and there is hope. But global action needs to start now.






Messages from the Gods: on the extraterrestrial origin of crop circles


Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. wonders if all crop circles may not be human fakes and counterfeits after all. He analyzes three mysterious, intricate, and amazing pictograms in this video and astonishes the viewer with the prospect that these actually may be extraterrestrial communications which we have been steadfastly taught to ignore and disregard. Disinformation propaganda through tricksters-hoaxer-croppies has successfully dissuaded most serious-minded scientists, academics, and laypersons from taking any of this seriously. Dr. Kroth takes it seriously. The results are absolutely mind-boggling. This talk comes from his 2019 book, Messages from the gods: a scientific exposition on the extraterrestrial origin of crop circles where over 40 mysterious crop circles are decoded with the aid and assistance of more than 20 scientists from Israel to Japan.






— Coup d’etat: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy



Prof. Jerry Kroth's 50th anniversary edition  presents the single, most plausible theory of the assassination. It is based on the recent admissions of grassy knoll gunman, James Files, the deathbed confession of CIA spymaster, E. Howard Hunt, and the most recent scholarship to appear in the last decade.  Based also in part on his earlier work, Conspiracy in Camelot, Dr. Kroth proposes that Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, and Mafia, acting in concert, carried one of the greatest crimes in American history.  Published by Genotype, Coup d'etat (2013) is a concise, well-documented expose of a brazen overthrow of the United States government by force of arms on November 22, 1963. This video went viral in 2014 and to date 475,000 viewers have seen it. 






"Extraterrestrial contacts: the Roswell foil, UFOs, and how they alter our understanding of the

modern world."



This video presents Dr. Kroth's essential thesis from his most recent text of the same title. It reviews his own personal encounter with the Roswell foil in 1965, and from there examines all the essential and 'best evidence' to support the hypothesis that extraterrestrials have had contact with humankind. From the former head of the CIA to 21 U.S. military generals, the evidence is quite overwhelming that such encounters did occur. Implications for how such a realization impacts academia, particularly mythology, archeology, evolutionary biology, and anthropology are explored.






"Is America on the brink?"


Prof. Jerry Kroth, a psychologist, looks at that question differently that financial pundits and stock market gurus. instead he looks through the prism of social science. Using anthropologist, Jared Diamond and historian Arnold Toynbee's seven major factors leading to societal collapse, Kroth asks how the U.S. stacks up on those seven factors. The report card is awful, and the current situation foreboding to the extreme. Data comes from his new book, Implosion: delusion, denial, and the prospect of collapse.







"Chaos, violence, war and barbarism: why humanity and peace will prevail."



There is considerable evidence that something in the human condition seems to suppress violence, barbarity, genocides, tyrannies, and other episodic fits of darkness. Not that they don't happen. Like influenza, these epidemics appear regularly, but, curiously, they come under control rather rapidly.  After Hitler, Auschwitz closes. After Stalin, a “thaw.” After Pol Pot, the killing fields are shuttered. After Mao, the Gang of Four is rebuffed and replaced by a generation of businessmen. After 20 close calls with nuclear Armageddon, we sigh with relief that not one of these foreboding miscalculations resulted in a nuclear winter.  Is it possible that the dark side of the human condition may actually have an antidote, that, perhaps, we have a psychic immune system which operates autonomically just like the physical immune system does? In 2016, Rowman & Littlefield will publish The Psychic Immune System: an epiphenomenon of the body’s own defenses. It covers evolutionary psychology, unconscious bias, Jungian archetypes, kin selection and inclusive fitness all in seach of an answer to this fundamental question








"More on propaganda and collective insanity."


Prof. Jerry Kroth's third video on propaganda focusses on psychodramas, like the cases of JonBenet Ramsey, Casey Anthony, and Elizabeth Smart and how tabloid titillations keep Americans progressively warped in their contact with reality. Dr. Kroth also addresses major "blindspots" in our collective consciousness and looks at the U.S. shooting down of Iranian flight 655, Israel's nuclear hegemony in the Middle East, and the 2016 presidential election as gargantuan pockets of ignorance in American public awareness—all of it largely due to corporate media propaganda and journalistic malfeasance.  More at








"Propaganda V: Monsanto and the Media."


Prof. Jerry Kroth's latest and short video on propaganda(2017) looks at the role of Monsanto's herbicide Roundup and how our perceptions have been distorted by the media manipulations of distraction and denial.









— “Ground Zero: Jerusalem, holy war, and collective insanity.”



Prof. Jerry Kroth discusses the most volatile 35 acre site on planet earth, Haram-al-Sharif or what Israeli's call the Temple Mount. While rational and sane negotiations proceed to resolve conflict at a snail's pace, there are four collective, dark forces which impose themselves on this area: extreme Islamic fundamentalism, militant messianism, radical Christian evangelism, and the "inspired lunacy" of territoriality. These 'four horsemen of the apocalypse' predispose the entire region to nuclear annihilation.









                     —  “Forbidden psychology and its 8 major taboos: a conversation about psyche, soul, and the new physics."

Prof. Jerry Kroth discusses the "forbidden" sides of academic psychology: near death experiences, synchronicity, telepathy, premonitions, psychic dreams, archetypes, and creative possession. These anomalies of psychology are then compared to the bizarre discoveries of the “new physics:” observer-created reality, entanglement, nonlocality, quantum teleportation, Schrodinger’s cat and the EPR paradox. Physics confronted these mysteries head on. These experimental outcomes contradicted deterministic, reductionistic, mechanistic, Newtonian clockwork cosmology, but physics handled these anomalies with openness and full disclosure. 

It did not censor its researchers or these research outcomes.  That is a far cry from how  academic psychology’s orthodoxy treats similar contradictions of its own ossified paradigm of reductionism and clockwork determinism.   






— “The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy:  facts, theories, and symbolism.”


Dr. Kroth gives an overview of his new book, Conspiracy in Camelot: a complete history of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. All major theories of the assassination are reviewed (Johnson, the Mafia, CIA and anti-Castro Cubans). The likelihood that Oswald was the lone assassin is thrown into doubt. This is an objective and comprehensive portrait of the most important literature on the assassination. 









—“The Media Matrix: a discussion of propaganda and persuasion in American news reporting from the Iraq war to the trial of O.J. Simpson.” 


This multimedia presentation describes the effects of the media in eroding the American perception of reality. Second graders easily recognize a picture of Ronald McDonald, but 30 percent of third graders cannot identify a photograph of Abraham Lincoln.  A majority of Americans in a poll in 2004 believed the 911 hijackers came from Iraq. These and dozens of other cognitive errors trace themselves to a pattern of media over-exposure, under-exposure, and other propaganda techniques (reframing, vicarious learning, and repeated affirmations). The long term effect is to create a delusional, distorted, and surrealistic vision of the world in the American psyche.








—"Blaxploitation, racial stereotypes, and their lasting impact on the American psyche."


Dr. Jerry Kroth reviews the 118 year-old tradition of White people telling stories of black people which are negative, destructive, and injurious. From pimps to prostitutes, murderers to junkies, the media menagerie of racial stereotypic imagery mightily influences American biases. Numerous films are reviewed for these features, and the number of White people involved in writing, directing, producing and distributing these films is astonishing.

Dr. Kroth does not indict these individuals but considers this process part of a rogue Hollywood tradition that is deeply in denial about the force and power of such imagery and the traumatic collective conditioning that occurs as a result.







—"Propaganda left and right."

Prof. Jerry Kroth's latest offering on propaganda serves up both left and right flavors. He introduces two new propaganda techniques in this lecture too. Topics include the Clinton-Trump election campaign, the child migrant crisis, the repeal of Obamacare and global warming. The controversial lecture is based on his book, Implosion, delusion, denial, and the prospect of collapse. (Genotype, 2016). Read more at









— "Propaganda and manipulation: how mass media distorts our perceptions of reality"


This is a second video on the psychology of propaganda and to date has been viewed by over 115,000 people. rof. Kroth reviews five major techniques for how American mass media manipulates and twists the view Americans have of their world. The seriousness of the distortion, and our progressive loss of contact with reality is dramatic. We are increasingly living inside a media-induced trance without knowing it. Children believe Ronald MacDonald is more real than Abraham Lincoln. From Coke to Carl's Jr., Hip-hop to the Iraq war, the role of subliminal propaganda in our lives is unveiled and exposed.  This talk is based on Dr. Kroth's recent book, "Implosion: delusion, denial and the prospect of collapse." (Genotype, 2016).  More information at 









— “The Lindbergh kidnapping: mobs, mass psychology 

and myth.”


 Dr. Kroth discusses his book by the same name. The presentation reviews how Bruno Richard Hauptmann, who was executed by “Jersey justice” under the influence of a raging mob,  was entirely innocent of the crime. The talk draws out the symbolism involved in the mass psychology and collective hysteria that enveloped this event in American history. 







— “Psychology and global warming: why we can’t stop the coming disaster.”


Dr. Kroth examines this grave crisis facing humanity and observes how delusion, denial, and displacement seem to govern every aspect of this discussion. The role of collective insanity in this pervasive human crisis is legion.






— “The American empire, denial, delusion, deception.” 


A recent poll asked Americans if they felt America actually was an empire. Forty percent said "No." Lawrence Vance alleges the U.S. is the largest empire in the history of the world, dwarfing the British, Ottoman, and Roman empires in size and scope. Prof. Jerry Kroth looks at the delusion and denial rampant within the American population on this issue, examining our 55 military interventions since World War II, our long and close relationship with dictators, juntas, and monarchs in building our empire, our military presence in over 130 countries of the world (70% of the planet) and what life might look like if we actually dismantled it. 







Calendar 2013-2024


  • Chicago, “Aliens and Man,” Harper College, March 2013

  • Puerto Vallarta:  “The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy,” Feb., 2013

  • York University, Toronto: “Global warming and collective insanity,” March 2013 

  • Foothill Coll: “The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy,” Nov., 2012

  • Surry, U.K.,Cardiff University:  “The media matrix: propaganda and America’s altered sense of reality,” March, 2013

  • Sweden, University of Lundt, “Psyche and Soul”, March 2013

  • Psyche/ Soul Mind Body Institute, Los Altos, CA, March, 2014

  • "Propaganda & Manipulation"/ Paradise Community Center, Mexico, February, 2014

  • Aliens & Man/ Philadelphia, April, 2014  

  • Propaganda and Manipulation, Puerto Vallarta, Feb., 2014.

  • “Aliens and Man,” MUFON, Connecticut, April, 2014,

  • “Forbidden psychology and its eight major taboos,” Los Altos FMBR, March, 2015,

  • Jung Institute of Cleveland, "Forbidden psychology and its eight major taboos," April 2015

  • Psychology and global warming: why we can't prevent the coming disaster,"  April, 2016. San Jose State University, Dept of Environmental Sciences, "

  • "Forbidden psychology and its eight major taboos,"  Rhine Institute, Center for Integrative Medicine, Duke University, May 2016

  • "Chaos, violence & barbarism: why humanity and peace shall prevail." University of Malta, May, 2017

  • "Extraterrestrial contacts: the Roswell foil, UFOs, and how they alter our understanding of the modern world," MUFON, Lima, Ohio, May 2017.

  • "Chaos, violence & barbarism: why humanity and peace shall prevail." Mind-body Institute, Los Altos, CA August 2017.

  • "Chaos, violence & barbarism: why humanity and peace shall prevail." Science & Medical Society, London, April 2018.

  • "The psychic immune system." University of Malta, Sping, 2018

  • "Messages from the Gods: on the extraterrestrial origin of crop circles." Institute of Noetic Science, Palo Alto, Ca, 2019

  • "Climate emergency: the science, the solutions, and what we can do." Puerto Vallarta Friendship Society, February, 2020.

  • Ecocide: why radical interventions are needed now to stop climate apocalypse." Sierra Club, Saratoga Chapter, July, 2020

  • "Forbidden psychology and its eight major taboos,"  IONS, London, June, 2020

  • "Messages from the Gods: on the extraterrestrial origin of crop circles." London Psychotherapy Group, June 2020.

  • "The Covid-19 Crop Circle," presented at MUFON, Portland Oregon, July 14, 2020

  • "The Covid-19- Crop Circle" interview of Mystical Underground Radio, Aug, 2020

  • "Extraterrestrial contacts: the Roswell Foil, UFOs, and how that changes everything, Connecticut, MUFON, Dec 2020

  • "Homelessness in America: we can stop this!" International Friendship Society, Puerto Vallarta, Jan 2022

  • "The Oswald letter: the most important discovery on the JFK assassination in decades." Duquesne University JFK 60th anniversary symposium, Nov, 16, 2023

  • "Covid-19 and American Collective Insanity," Dec 5, 2020 Puerto Vallarta International Frienship Society,







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