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  Jerry Kroth takes readers on an exhilarating journey into the elegant and incredible world of crop circles." 
Paul T. Kingsbury, Professor of Geography
Simon Fraser University


The enigma of crop circles has been regularly recurring each summer for nearly half a century, yet few have attempted to address the question of what these ciphers so cleverly and skillfully inscribed in crop fields throughout the world might be trying to tell us. In Messages From the Gods, Dr. Jerry Kroth offers his well-informed insights, grounded in science-based logic, that will prompt the reader to more fully appreciate the breadth and depth of information encoded in crop circles. . . after reading this book you will better understand why Dr. Kroth, myself, and a growing number of well-educated professionals have become convinced that crop circles are, in fact, Messages From the Gods. We would be well-advised to give them our attention and our most careful consideration."


— Richard O'Connor, M.D.



Dr. Jerry Kroth has produced in 2019 one of the best scholarly expositions of "crop circles" ever. There will be much to learn from his new book: not only for regular people in England, the USA or elsewhere but also for leading academics worldwide, who may not have taken this subject seriously, because of superficial views which they heardon the evening news.  His style of writing is highly enjoyable, the visual quality is excellent, and truly you the reader will be entertained, while learning more about an amazing if unexplained phenomenon, which you may not have known about factually before.


If “crop circles” do not fully obey some of our current physical “laws”, should we reject them out of hand? Or should we more wisely ponder whether there might be more-advanced intelligences other than humans out there? Perhaps early 21st-century science does not hold the last

 answers to everything?


  —Horace R. Drew, Ph.D., Caltech.



Dr. Jerry Kroth takes readers on a mesmerizing journey through complex fields of crop circles into the deeper and wider fields of scientific thought.


—Mark Fussell, Pulisher, Crop Circle Connector




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