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More reviews of Psyche's Exile



A helpful historical overview of how the soul has been replaced with political (Marxist) and physiological (reductionist) theories. . . Jungian ideas about archetypes and universal consciousness are often used. . . Elsewhere in the book, ideas from quantum and uncertainty theories are introduced as possible explanatory models . . The destination. . . that of a transpersonal psyche, or interconnectedness, is something that people of faith will easily identify with. It is to this end that the book argues . . . that the idea of a soul or psyche be allowed to return from exile to take a more central place in psychology and in science as a whole.


Just as Newton gave way to Einstein who in turn gave way to quantum mechanics, so too has the ‘blind’ eye of science come to realize that there are questions it cannot answer unless it allows something of the soul back in. 


Whilst not Christian in its stance or conclusions, this book provides an interesting exploration of things that cannot easily be explained away. 


—Robert Waller, M.D., psychiatrist, 

Director,  Mind and Soul, United Kingdom



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