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Aliens and Man: a synopsis of
facts and beliefs






“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has 

already earned my contempt.  He has been given a large 

brain by mistake, since for him the 

spinal cord would fully suffice.”  


—Albert Einstein





Aliens and Man attempts to take on one of society’s most controversial topics:  Is it possible humans interacted with extraterrestrials at any time in their history? Archeological, mythological, paranormal, and biological “best evidence” is sifted and sorted to answer this question as we follow out hints by Jung and Joseph Campbell in pursuit of this fascinating supposition.  The conclusion: Nothing is definitive, but neither is the enormous amount of data brought to bear in support of this hypothesis quite so easy to dismiss.  A worthwhile adventure for the skeptical agnostic. Published by Algora.  This text published in 2010 has been updated and enlarged in 2017 and now appears under the title Extraterrestrial Contact: the Roswell foil, UFOs, and how they alter our modern world.






"Jerry Kroth has bravely placed his neck on the academic chopping block by daring to address the question of the possible interaction of extraterrestrials with early humankind, a subject longed marked taboo by learning institutions dependent on the largess of both government and corporations, neither of which desire public discussion of such theories. Kroth crafts a cogent and engaging argument with an amazing blend of scientific and historical facts. If you want to keep your head in the comfortable sand, give this book a pass but if you are ready for an exciting bit of consciousness raising, be sure to read Aliens and Man."


—Jim Marrs, “foremost investigative journalist in the U.S.” (Newshawk) and

author of  Crossfire and Alien Agenda 


“. . . Thoroughly empirical, deeply creative, and a fascinating read!”


—Marvin Forrest, Ph.D., psychotherapist, Santa 

Barbara, California



“Jerry Kroth has pulled off an intellectual coup d'etat. . . This work

 makes me feel like we  have broken "the surly bonds of earth.” 


—Walter Moretz, Ph.D, 

Professor Emeritus, George Mason University


“Aliens and Man is the most intellectually exciting, page-turning voyage of discovery

I have been on for a very long time.”


— Jeff Kisling, Ph.D., Palo Alto


“I am enthralled! This is a refreshing leap from the encrusted time-worn answers we were all raised to believe. I have no doubt this book will be greeted as a significant contribution.


—William Yabroff, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Pacifica Graduate School,

Author of  The Inner Image.


“A well-written, erudite book, easily available to the average reader, 

with or without a scientific background.” 


—Robert McFarland, M.D., Director of the Institute for Psychohistory:

Boulder, Colorado

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