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Personal stuff [travel, music, food]


This page is devoted to the personal side. Looking through that prism reveals three major pastimes:  travel, food, and music ( my latest vice).  Some of the pages open only for friends and family.




The travel section only includes the most amazing and profound experiences, and these these trips were written up with that in mind. I call it my “excellent adventure” series. Some are pdfs and some are videos. Here they are: 



The music section contains two things First, for very many years, I abandoned trumpet and spent my time trying to compose and arrange big band music on synthesizers using Midi, and assorted recording gear. I played every part of these bands. The whole trumpet section, sax section, trombones, even the flute solos were just me tinkering about. BUT most recently I abandoned the electronic for the acoustic and started picking up the trumpet. I’ve been playing in two big bands so far. The video of me standing in front of a jazz orchestra playing a solo was an absolute peak experience in my life (See the Quincy Jones piece below). 

Trumpet solo on Quincy Jones tune with De Anza Band
Midi arrangements
The Synchronicity big band arrives Dec 2019
By 2022 Synchronicity had evolved into a 17 piece jazz orchestra
We played at the 2022 San Jose Jazz Festival
Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 8.53.21 AM.png

Food/ Cooking


The foodie section contains my signature recipes. Time-tested, party-tested, and pretty tasty. . .  with photos of the



Shrimp cocktail with Mary-Jean Sauce

Baby-back spare rips

Barbecued pork tenderloin

Roma’s bouillabaisse

Seafood casserole

Spinach-avocado-garlic soup

Persian chicken kebobs

Cucumber dill salad

Middle Eastern roasted lamb

Crab-stuffed salmon with hollandaise

Seafood curry

Fish chowder 

Beer-baked chicken

Muslim burgers

Grandma’s vegetable soup

Mexican chicken soup “xochitl”

Mustard roasted fish

Romiebutz chicken

Seared Ahi tuna AC/DC

Grandma’s city chicken

Roma’s bizarre chicken Kiev

Easy & delicious chili


Thai Satay chicken


Chicken Tangine

Buffalo Wings

Garlic-parmesan oysters & shrimp

Stuffed mushrooms

World famous Detroit Coney Island hotdog

Turkey Lula Kebab

The best soup of my life

Char-broiled rack of lamb

Coq au vin with white wine

Michigan ‘almost perfect’ fried chicken

Roma-Rockefeller Oysters

Middle Eastern festival: shashlik & afghan chicken

Lamb short ribs

Shepherd’s pie

Chocolate covered strawberries

Beef Stroganoff

Mediterranean salad

Turkish chicken kebabs

Lucille’s pineapple ice box pie

Roma’s Russian borscht

Achiote-jerk chicken wings

Chicken cacciatore

Bacon topped spicy shrimp

Prime Rib

Polish bigos

KFC chicken wings

KFC fried oysters

My mother's sauerbraten

Indian buttered chicken

Perfect lamb gravy

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