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Complimentary review copy of The Psychic Immune System


If you are a researcher, teacher, have an avid professional interest, and/or  are a potential reviewer for this book, we are happy to send you a complimentary, complete ebook draft for your review in hopes you will share that review with us or post it on Amazon, Ibooks, Barnes & Noble (Nook Books) or Google Books, etc.

There is a $7.00 handling charge for this service. Please send $7.00 via Paypal by clicking the button with a message about your interest in reviewing this book.

Through your payment it is understood you are viewing a full draft of the actual text, and that this draft is not to be duplicated, copied or shared and that it is sent solely  for the purpose of promotion, possible review, and comment.



After  you purchase on Paypal, instructions will be sent to you for how to open the file.  You will need to have the Drop Box app installed on your reader whether that is an Ipad, a Kindle, Nook, or whatever reader you are using.


Open it and enjoy and we look forward to your comments.

Note, if you don't have Drop Box installed on your reader (Ipad, Kindle, etc, go here for simple download instructions:
















































































An ancient overview of the field of counseling

 psychology, still available at

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