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Flesh and Blood
"If I could tell you what it meant, there would
be no point in dancing it."
—Isadora Duncan

Flesh and Blood is an apocalyptic, penetrating, incisive new approach to the understanding of the unconscious mind. It is written entirely in brief, pointed quotations with Freud, Jung, Nietzsche, St. Paul, Hess, Doestoevsky, Stalin, and a host of other notables making periodic cameo appearances across its pages. These voices are then counterpointed by a rhythmic series of photographic images which jump like lasers right off the pages. The photos, some taken by the world’s greatest artists, portray in intense and vivid detail both the Elysian loftiness and the aberrant grotesqueries of psychic life. Reviews by Timothy Leary, Robert Bly, Stanislav Grof, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and others.







“This is an extraordinary book of unique psychological power. It reveals not only scholarship and sophistication of the author, but deep and intimate knowledge of the recesses of the human psyche. By masterful juxtaposition of evocative images, poetry, and selected quotes from scholars, Flesh and Blood seems to engage both the right and left hemispheres in an unprecedented dialogue. The result is a multi-dimensional, almost holographic picture of the primordial foundations of the human mind.”



—Stanislav Grof, M.D., Psychiatrist, Esalen, 

Author of Realms of the Human Unconscious





“. . in the best sense of the word, haunting.”


—Leslie Fiedler, Author of An end to Innocence



“Flesh and Blood is a most valuable tissue-sampling of rare specimens, a genetic memory album. When it comes time to load our Time-Ship with precious artifacts from planet earth to help explain our origins,

I shall include Flesh and Blood”


—Timothy Leary, Author of Psychedelic Experience



“. . . a powerful vision.” 


—Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Author of The Secret Meaning of Things.



“I found the experience unique. The effort is a compelling one whose stimuli impact with a tachistoscopic tattoo as powerful as a pneumatic drill. Eerie and haunting are its kaleidoscopic shifts whose photographic traces linger still. . . and how otherwise when their message is the distillate of classic superminds confronting us with the inescapable oxymorons of existence, or nagging instincts, their transcendencies and vicissitudes?  Trite to say, I fear, but in fact I could not put it down!”


—Sumner Shapiro, M.D., psychoanalyst, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute,

Author of Deep Rhymes, Deeper Reasons.



“The author uses photographs—to slow us down, and so help the ‘monkey mind’ take in some of the harsh ideas of Freud, which it longs to reject. . . A cunning alternation of photograph and quotation. . . I like the book.”


—Robert Bly Author of Light Around the Body

published by Genotype
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