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The Psychic Immune System: a hidden epiphenomenon of the
body's own defenses
"When I despair , I remember that all through history,
the way of truth and love have always won.
There have been tyrants and murderers, and
or a time, they can seem invincible, but 
in the end they always fail.
Think of it. . . always!"
—Mahatma Gandhi


Professor Jerry Kroth’s  magnum opus explores an entirely new dimension in psychology: whether there is a psychic immune system.  There is a surfeit of evidence that “something” in the human condition seems to suppress violence, barbarity, genocides, tyrannies, and other dark eruptions. Not that they don’t happen. Like influenza, psychic epidemics appear regularly, but they manage to come under some kind of control rather rapidly. Auschwitz closes. After Stalin, a thaw. After Pol Pot, the killing fields are shuttered.  After Mao, the gang of four is rebuffed, and a generation of businessmen takes the helm. The list is of these benign outcomes is much more numerous than you might imagine.


There have been twenty “very close” nuclear mistakes and miscalculations which could have led to a full blown nuclear holocaust and nuclear winter.  To attribute this long string of happy outcomes to “good luck” carries odds of a million to one. 


Perhaps there is another protective force, or process, or entity we may have overlooked that has our back instead.   The question this book addresses is entirely unprecedented in the history of psychology: is there a psychic immune system that mobilizes its mysterious antibodies and operates in a parallel fashion to the physical immune system?


With over nine hundred footnotes and more than 40 photos and graphics, the adventure is relentless and the data assembled nothing short of overpowering. 




Publisher reviews:


Numerous scientific surveys have noted the imminent self-destruction of the human species resulting from the ravaging of the environment. The Psychic Immune System provides a glimmer of hope, making the audacious suggestion that there is a self-corrective aspect of the collective psyche that can be compared to the immune system. This psychic immune system has come to humanity's rescue in the past and may well do so again before time runs out. Dr. Kroth has made a masterful synthesis of quantum physics, evolutionary biology, and psychology. . . well written, well documented, and well argued. 


—Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., author of Varieties of Anomalous Experience, 

and editor of the Journal of Consciousness Studies.



In this masterful and original work, Dr. Kroth persuasively presents compelling scientific findings from depth psychology, neuroscience, cultural, archetypal, and collective psychology, quantum physics, history, and epigenetics that support a hopeful and life giving message:  there exists a psychic immune system that is alive and well which functions to ensure our survival and well being.  


—Helen Marlo, Ph.D., 

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Chair, Clinical Psychology Department, Notre Dame de Namur University

Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Psychoanalyst



The Psychic Immune System offers us all a challenge: who we are and what we do are merely superficial topics when why we do whatever we do may hinge on the operant factors of the psychic immune system. It is well worth the read—and a second read.


—Dr. Jerrold Atlas Senior Professor of History 

 Past Vice President International University at Altdorf


The Psychic Immune System permanently altered my perception of the world, how I see history, the threat of war, and even how I evaluate the negativity in the news. This book is a revolution in psychology

pure and simple, and incredibly reassuring. 


—Marvin Forrest, psychotherapist, author of Psychology Underground



Dr. Kroth's deep insights and perceptions of the most significant dynamics are uncanny. Nowhere are his gifts more essential than in the growing field of compassion studies.  His works contain the seeds for sowing peace in our troubled world


—Bette Kiernan, psychotherapist, Palo Alto

author of The uses of fairy tales in psychotherapy



The Psychic Immune System in its broad and rich analysis of many past 

and current events has challenged me. Prof. Kroth argues persuasively

 that we are not awash in a sea of chance and evil.



—David Frederick, Ph.D., psychotherapist, 

Argus Psychotherapy Services



As a person trained in neuropsychology, I am deeply impressed with Professor Kroth's Psychic Immune System and believe it is a formidable  contribution to our understanding of the human condition.


—Octavio Pino, M.D., D.Sci, Professor 

Florida International University



The genius of Dr. Kroth's inquiry opens the door to a 

deeper understanding of human behavior.


—Lou Pambianco, psychotherapist, Santa Cruz



Read this book and your perceptions of the unfolding events 

around you will change.


—Jeff Kisling, Ph.D., Neuropsychology & health 

psychology; psychotherapist, Seattle

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