Extraterrestrial contacts: the Roswell foil, UFOs, and how they alter our understanding of the modern world


This is the most comprehensive text in history documenting the hypothesis that extraterrestrials have interacted with humankind. From the Roswell incident to every major corroborated UFO encounter, Professor Jerry Kroth, author of 13 books,  presents the most compelling UFO evidence. Only highly corroborated evidences passes Kroth's litmus tests.  But the book does not end  with the story of UFOs, as most UFO books do.  If extraterrestrials made contact, how does that change our understanding of mythology, archeology and even biology. The implications are enormous.  All of these issues each get a separate chapter. The text is encyclopedic but eminently readable. With 185 graphics and photos, and 900 footnotes, this is the most expansive and heavily documented treatment of this subject anywhere to date.  It begins with  Kroth’s personal encounter with the Roswell foil far back in 1965 when a student came up to him and said “My daddy said I should show you this.” 

Radical, Progressive, & Collective Psychology



"Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream."


—Malcolm Muggeridge


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