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The Collapse: 2024-2034

Prof. Jerry Kroth  describes four existential threats facing the United States over the next decade. The first happens as early as 2024, a financial collapse, followed by a solar cataclysm slated to occur during the current solar maximum which occurs in the next two years. A climate breakdown occurs when we cross the first major tipping point in 2027, and the final societal implosion will likely occur prior to the end of this decade. This is a very foreboding journey indeed.

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When the President Says UFOs are Real

Prof. Jerry Kroth outlines the expected outcomes if the President of the United States were to ever disclose that UFOs are real and that the 1947 Roswell event indeed happened. The fallout in the academic world, from archeology, history, mythology, and even evolutionary biology would be shattering. This would be the biggest story in human history, dwarfing the intellectual tremors set off by Copernicus and Galileo. Not only are the implications beyond enormous, but there is a strong likelihood that humanity itself indeed may not be ready to fully assimilate these revelations.

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The Roswell Foil: How UFO discoveries radically change how we see the world


This is a 2021 update with the latest 2020 Pentagon UFO releases. Altogether, this is the most comprehensive text to date documenting the hypothesis that extraterrestrials have interacted with humankind. From the Roswell incident to every major corroborated UFO encounter, Professor Jerry Kroth, author of 16 books,  presents the most compelling UFO evidence. Only highly corroborated evidence passes through Kroth’s filters.  But the book does not end  with the story of UFOs. If extraterrestrials have made contact, how does that change our understanding of mythology, archeology, history, and even biology? The implications are enormous.  All of those issues each get a separate chapter. The text is encyclopedic but eminently readable. With 185 graphics and photos, and 1200 footnotes, this is one of the most expansive, heavily documented, yet readable treatments of this subject anywhere to date.  It begins with Dr. Kroth’s personal encounter with the Roswell foil far back in 1965 when a student came up to him and said “My daddy said I should show you this.”

Solar Cataclysm: 2023-2026
Analysis of the Hippescombe Crop Circle


A crop circle appeared in May of 2022. Prof. Jerry Kroth decodes the meaning of this highly complex pictograph. It portends to warn humanity of a coming geomagnetic storm, a CME or Coronal Mass Ejection, similar in size to the largest solar eruption ever to hit our planet, the Carrington Event of 1859. The analysis of this crop circle is detailed, dramatic and foreboding. Scientists agree that should such an eruption occur, we would have 24 hours to prepare the world's electronic infrastructure for the event. But should we fail, or should individual countries fail, it could plunge the Earth into a few years of darkness, impacting global finance, satellite transmission, GPS signals, airline functioning. And that, in turn, could have serious contagion impacts on our own personal lives.


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Ecocide: why radical interventions are needed now to stop climate apocalypse


Prof. Jerry Kroth reviews the depressing science current by the dawn of 2020. The litany of evidence is little short of apocalyptic. The chances the Earth will reach 1.5 degrees of warming by 2027 gives humanity only 7 years to restructure its entire fossil fuel infrastructure. Terrifying though it may be, a massive global effort to build up solar, wind, and other sustainable infrastructure is possible. Entertaining more extreme measures like occupying the Amazon Basin and the intentionally deforested palm oil provinces of Indonesia and Malaysia should be considered. Other extreme measure like global rationing are outlined as the kinds of remedies few have considered but are absolutely necessary and imperative because of the imminent climate emergency humanity faces.

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Implosion: delusion, denial, and the prospect of collapse—2020 edition


Implosion is a penetrating look at contemporary collective delusions slithering across the American landscape largely a function of media propaganda.  A delusion is a false idea about the world, a kind of intellectual “trance.” When an individual suffers one, the diagnosis of mental illness is not far behind. When a nation labors under them, we have a state of collective mental instability.  This odyssey explores gargantuan delusions infecting the American psyche: from understanding of our democratic political system, our perception of ourselves as an empire, global warming, as well as the musical genre of hip-hop. The most important chapter,“Slip-slidin to dystopia,” reviews seven major signs of societal collapse.  When one looks at this dystopian metric, especially in light of Covid-19,  the transformation of the American dream to an American nightmare is more than probable should we not awaken from our myriad trances in time.

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Ground Zero: Jerusalem, holy war, and collective insanity (2022 edition)


Prof. Jerry Kroth discusses the most volatile 35 acre site on planet earth, Haram-al-Sharif or what Israeli's call the Temple Mount. While rational and sane negotiations proceed to resolve conflict at a snail's pace, there are four collective, dark forces which impose themselves on this area: extreme Islamic fundamentalism, militant messianism, radical Christian evangelism, and the "inspired lunacy" of territoriality. These 'four horsemen of the apocalypse' predispose the entire region to nuclear annihilation. This lecture comes from his book Ground Zero: Jerusalem, holy war, and collective insanity.

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​The dramatic disclosure of over 50,000 JFK r JFK files in 2017-18 changes our understanding of virtually everything. Once we add these documents to what we learned from the CIA's own Howard Hunt, who made a deathbed confession in 2007, we find LBJ deeply implicated in the murder. The releases are absolutely revelatory

The Kennedy Assassination: what really happened:


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Messages from the Gods: a scientific exposition on the extraterrestrial origin of crop circles


Prof. Jerry Kroth analyzes some of the most intricate, complex and impossible crop circles with the ever-present question, “Is it really possible these pictograms are extraterrestrial communications which we have been ignoring?”Decoding these circles suggests they are warning humankind about nuclear meltdowns, climate change, toxins we have barely heard of, as well as directing our attention to a deeper understanding of physics, materials science, and molecular biology. In consultation with scientists from Israel to Japan Dr. Kroth decoded 40 of the most mysterious crop circles which have ever appeared.. From magnetars,  hypernovae, and colliding neutron stars, to he global decline male sperm counts,  or the promises of graphene, this text takes you on an enormously exciting scientific journey.

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The Covid-19 Crop Circle


The Covid-19 crop circle appeared May 30, 2020. Prof. Jerry Kroth decodes the circle in consultation with a biologist, microbiologist, and virologist. It shows the virus at magnification of 12 million and features an enlarged spike protein with a magnification 100x greater than than.The spike protein displays either 8 amino acids or a peptide which microbiologists refer to as “Sp8” in the literature.  This spike protein is found in SARS which has an unusual positive immunological function, and it may have that function in Covid-19 as well. At the time this crop circle appeared, however, that fact was not yet known. Dr. Kroth also decodes a second Covid-19 crop circle that appeared Aug. 4, 2020

These two crop circle appear to be proactively suggesting remedies. Prof. Kroth has made this white paper available for other crop circle scholars (and intrepid scientists) in hopes they will further decode this amazing structures and expand the knowledge base while this global pandemic is raging

Outside-the-box op-ed pieces in Counterpunch, Truth Out.Org, Common Dreams, Tikkun and The Huffington Post


This event changed how I see the world. This article appeared on the front page of the
Roswell Daily Record when I gave a talk there.
A completely non-mainstream article on the dangers of nuclear war and how the U.S. and NATO have provoked this deadly conflict and brought us to the doorstep of nuclear holocaust, October 2022 (Global Research)
Asking Chat GPT some questions about
the war in Ukraine will certainly raise some eyebrows
(Information Clearing House, 2023)
A sort article underscoring how Lukashenko's piracy in
bringing  down an aircraft exactly parallels what the U.S. did to President Evo Morales of Bolivia (Information Clearing House)
How the coronavirus threatens the existing
global economic order (Information Clearing House)
How propaganda distorts our understanding of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, Information Clearing House
How history may be repeating itself as the T.P.P
looks very much like the trade deal the U.S. made with Korea four years earlier. (Truth-Out.Org, 2016)
How the one percent  gradually usurped America's political process (Huffington, 2014)
What would happen if peace and reason brok out. Published in Tikkun
A new contribution to the psychology of propaganda, Common Dreams (2019)
Trump, the deep state, and how dangerous the situation has become. Published in Information Clearing House and Huffington Post, 2017
How the corporate media may have engineered the
Super Tuesday primaries to eliminate Bernie Sanders, Published in 2016 by the Hampton Institute
How American actions might 
provoke the labile and  unstable Kim Jong un.
How school massacres  are symptomatic of a deeper psychological conflict in American national character.
A psychologist looks at the global $1.5 quadrillion derivatives market, Counterpunch, 2015
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